Zuckerberg: Libra can help Facebook earn more advertising revenue

According to CNET news, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) on ​​Wednesday explained how the launch of the new cryptocurrency Libra will help Facebook earn more Multiple advertising revenue. At the annual shareholder meeting, Zuckerberg was asked how Facebook would make money from Libra, which has not yet been launched. He replied that the introduction of a new cryptocurrency and other tools (such as online stores) will make business activities more effective for businesses, which will lead to higher advertising prices, which is financially beneficial to Facebook. This is because Facebook does not sell ads at a fixed price. He said that companies bid based on the results that the advertisements try to achieve. Facebook allows advertisers to place ads based on age, location, interests, and other characteristics. “When they place an ad, people who click on the ad are now more likely to buy something, because they actually have a more viable payment method, then companies that bid higher on ads basically become more valuable, we see The result is that the overall price of the ad is higher. ” Facebook and its partners promote Libra as a way to help those who cannot access financial services or have to pay high fees to send money overseas. But it is clear that Facebook believes that it can also obtain economic benefits from Libra, although it faces increasing regulatory scrutiny by lawmakers.