Which classic books had predictions that came true?

Many classic books make accurate predictions. Examples:

“1984”: In 1949’s dystopian novel, the government controls citizens’ lives and thoughts through propaganda and surveillance. Telescreens and language manipulation were predicted in the book.

“Brave New World”: This 1932 novel depicts a future society where people are genetically engineered and controlled by drugs and conditioning. The book predicted genetic engineering and “designer babies.”

“The Time Machine”: A scientist invents a time machine in this 1895 novel. The book predicted internet, virtual reality, and advanced transportation systems.

H.G. Wells’ “Invisible Man”: In this 1897 novel, a scientist learns how to become invisible but becomes increasingly isolated and paranoid. The book foresaw stealth technology and military camouflage.

H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds”: Martians invade Earth in this 1898 book. The book predicted warplanes and nuclear bombs.

H.G. Wells’ “Dr. Moreau’s Island”: In this 1896 book, a scientist transforms animals into humans. The book foresaw genetic engineering and transgenic animals (animals with genes from another species).

“Frankenstein”: In this 1818 book, a scientist uses electricity and corpse parts to create a monster. Electricity in medicine and anatomy was predicted in the book.

Edward Bellamy: This 1888 book describes a utopian society in 2000 where people live in harmony and machines do the work. The book foresaw credit cards, department stores, and the internet.

Heinlein’s “The Door into Summer”: A cryogenically frozen man wakes up in the future in this 1956 book. Cryonics and cryogenically preserving people to be revived were predicted in the book.

“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”: A group of space travellers encounters various alien species in this 1979 book. Siri and Alexa were predicted by the book.

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