What is Defi Bird.money

Bird token sale round 1 live on bounce finance. 1 ETH+300 token (November 14, 2020). please as any questions that you might have about Bird.Money Off-chain Oracle Analytics. Bird.Money is building an Off-Chain Oracle Data analytics platform for the Ethereum blockchain, connecting outside organizations, & investors to the Defi market while reducing the risk associated with the market. Please read here https://medium.com/bird-money/bird-money-off-chain-oracle-analytics-fddb33527989.

I like the kind of fud this project had. This type of fud leads to 10x. microcap at mini moon. Buy our bags. TEAM TOKENS ALSO LOCKED FOR 5 YEARS. are you guys integrating with Chainlink?? you have chainlink code in your github. yup they are using it as off-chain oracle. we are still under 200K Mcap guys, also they will integrate with Chainlink. whats the supply? is it the 140k on etherscan or does that not include the burn? 200k mcap, if this reaches 1M it will be x10 from here. I made a tweet with the cashtag BIRD on Twitter. Lets all spread the word.

compared to other oracle’s mcap, bird is so so so low,only 50k circulation..actually the only influencers on this one were fudding it because they didnt get enough allocations to dump on normies like us. you guys need to shill that BirdChainLink.sol code on their github!! – clearly it will be integrated with chainlink! Happy to see that you know this one too haha. My point here is that Bird should create a farm from Unicrypt Farm dapp. That way you allow holders to farm with some incentives (farmed reward = bird tokens.

$BIRD TO THE MOON – Business & Finance – 4chan
$BIRD TO THE MOON – “/biz/ – Business & Finance” is 4chan’s imageboard for the discussion of business and finance, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin. That’s my point. Once we approach this 10$ zone (I think we will soon btw), I will most likely place this trade.

The team consist of remote both temp and full-time members, 4 dev with varying skills in fintech, data science, digital forensics, and blockchain development ofcourse. We also have product manager, designers, marketers, copywriters, community managers as am sure you’ve seen or interacted with already.
The team are anon and spread across the globe, we prefer to keep it that way without divulging individuals location or place of origin.

Everyone go shill this thing! Mention that it is a lending-oracle play! Should build some hype. At 0x70401dFD142A16dC7031c56E862Fc88Cb9537Ce0 our AI agents found source code with 3 contracts: SafeMath, Address, BirdToken. Those contracts implement the following ERC standards: ERC20. The main deployed contract at that location is: BirdToken.BirdToken contract is ERC-20 compatible, its code does not look particularly complex. Our vulnerabilities detectors found: 2 low issues, 0 medium issues and 0 high level issues. As there are no high level issues contract looks well written from common vulnerabilities standpoint. Could not establish owner of this contract.

Was supposed to be upwards of 900k, but team decided to forgo the last round of presale and burned over 600k supply – awesome move by the team, unlike those greedy bastards at Dexkit. You also miss every shot you don’t take. I respect playing it safe though. I was just willing to accept the high risk/high reward because of the lending-oracle narrative. Can’t think of a recent oracle project that shit the bed.

54,641 — Presale Allocation — 40%
27,320.46 — Liquidity- 20%
27,320.46 — Development- 20%
13,660.25 — Marketing — 10%

13,660.25 — Team — 10% (locked and vested bimonthly for 5 years)

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